The Ex Race

By September 24, 2019Blog

Metals Plus contributes to ‘The Ex Race’

Click below to see how our waterjet was able to craft the pegboard for The Ex Race.

Have you ever watched American Ninja Warrior? That TV show where contestants try to complete an incredibly difficult obstacle course designed to challenge the world’s most-fit human beings?

Well, if you went to The Ex this year, you might have seen something similar to American Ninja Warrior called The Ex Race.

This obstacle course was at The Ex for the first time and Metals Plus is proud to have helped out in creating a segment of the course.

Our involvement was on the metal pegboard that athletes had to shimmy across. We’re always excited to work on a wide range of projects. Being able to contribute to an iconic Canadian event like The Ex keeps things interesting and allows us to showcase our capabilities on a larger scale.

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